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Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Nr 8. I can make pretty things!

We are the 1st of May today, as such i had the day off work, woo! (I had yesterday off because of an exam, less woo) But anyway, I decided that I was going to make some jewellery because that's what I do when I have free time and its raining! Anyway, I am going to show you what I made today, and a few things from other days. My most productive hour was between 8 and 9pm when we had the power cut, an unusually short power cut it was too. We are well prepared for power cuts and got out the candles and torches. We learnt the hard way!!!!

So anyway here goes, I hope you like them!!!

A necklace - I really liked the glass bead and didn't know what to do with it until now

Earrings - I bought the base, which is the round moon shaped bit and did all the rest. They look even prettier when worn.

I made these the other day by twisting wire, and adding branches of beads from time to time. I am going to make a necklace using the same technique when i muster the patience! Its fiddly!

I made these ages ago, I made the yellow earring and didn't have anything to go with it so I made the blue side.

Again made a while ago, this is a nice light, dainty necklace comprising of 3 layers

A bracelet that I made today. It didn't come out very well in the photo because its a chain and the flash reflected off the metal. I have made necklaces out of chains too but they didn't come out well in photos either, so this one will do to illustrate.

Place your orders now! Hehe

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Little know facts about me!

  1. I have 79 days left in Argentina
  2. I can crash dive ball-out
  3. 5 days till my exam... and I still know nothing!
  4. I am 1/2 french, 15/32 english and 1/32 spanish
  5. I am qualified to teach gymnastics, trampolining and swimming at various levels
  6. I don't like management very much (yet I am studying it)
  7. I can count to ten in english, french, spanish, german and japanese (aren't you impressed!)

Thats all I can think of for the moment! Will go do some more of my reading now!

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Honey, its cold out there!

I was lying in bed yesterday, and i had the most brilliant idea for a post. I had even thought about how I would start it. Much to my dismay, i can't remember for the life of me what I was going to write about! Oh well, its can't have been that interesting then can it! Hehe

I just watched the saddest film, I was crying like a baby all the way through it. (Sarah wasn't even vaguely sympathetic!) It was about a lady with a terminal illness and her fight to have assisted suicide legalised in Canada. It must be so hard to be in a situation like that, not only for the patient, but also for the family. I can't even begin to imagine it. I don't want to go into a long rambling post about palliative care, passive and active euthanasia so I will leave it at that.

I have an exam in less than a week, and I have not done have the reading I am meant to have! Oops... I should be doing it now! Have any of you noticed that my blogging rate increases significantly when I have coursework to hand in, or an exam coming up?! I'm not avoiding anything, really! I will read a couple of chapters in a sec. i read 4.5 last night, and 2 on Saturday, so I am getting through the material little by little. Go me!

Its getting cold here, booooo. I liked Buenos Aires better when it was hot! Not only is it cold, but the mosquitoes seem to have developed resistance to the dropping temperatures and are still buzzing around. Horrible things. They seem to particularly enjoy my blood... I always get bitten at least twice as much as anyone else. How is this fair?! Maybe I am just sweeter than the rest :-)

I may do my reading tomorrow morning instead... ie. get up at 6am or so and read for a couple of hours then. It will be quiet at least. The only problem is that when i use this strategy I tend to add 30 mins repeatedly to my alarm clock until I wake up at the normal time anyway! :-S

Monday, April 23, 2007

Full stops.

Politics and strategy of businesses. More interesting than it sounds. No, really. Looking at how people think and behave. What they consider important for the growth of a company. Analyse the lot, and come up with a strategy. Simple.

Unfortunately exams coming up. Bother, have yet to read books. Nothing different there then... Happens every term. One week to learn it all, typical. Will manage, always do.

Have work as well. All going well. Organising golf tournament at the moment. Not totally sure what I am doing, but who does? They all seem to think I do. Too many people in office for resources. Not enough computers. Lots of time lost. Wasted. Lose work flow. Never mind.

Friend to visit. One day soon. Coming from Uruguay. Keeps putting it off. Has too much work. Annoying! I want to see him! Nothing I can do. Waiting.

Life good. Generally. Lots of friends. Will miss them when back. Time flies. 3 months left... Too little, don't want to leave! Did England change as I did? I think not.

2 dollars to the pound. High purchasing power. Good for shopping :-) Bad for luggage allowance. Problem!

Enough for now. Bye bye.

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Some things never change...

Winking boy is still winking.
I thought he had gotten over his 'tick', but he hasn't! Grrrr!!!

Tuesday, March 27, 2007


Well as usual it has been a rather long time since my last post...

To be honest, I am not doing anything different, life is ticking along nicely. I go to work, I go to university a few times a week, I go out on weekends both to cultural type things and clubs, I meet my friends, I drink mate, and generally have a good time.

And thats it really, the rest is just details...

I leave you with a photo that I took the other night of El Puente de la Mujer (Women's Bridge).

Thursday, February 08, 2007

I can't sleep!

It is hot here! You see there are disadvantages to being in Argentina. To add to the hotness, the mosquitos keep attacking me, its horrible! So I can't sleep because the bites are itchy, and would close the window but its too hot for that! AND the only fan that Valeria possesses and which before was in my room is now in hers, and she isn't even using it! How selfish!
So anyway, this explains why I am up at 2.37 am writing on Blogger, not that this isn't an excellent time to write, but I think that I might be more productive at work tomorrow if I were able to sleep!

Yesterday I signed up for a bijouterie class which is exciting! I am going to make little animals and necklaces and things out of beads, wooo! Beware I might discover my creative side! Hehe! Although I did used to make necklaces a couple of years ago, and it was very fun, so am looking forward to it.

Today I went to my first class of 'parado de manos' which basically means balancing on hands, ie. handstand class! How perfect is that for me! I know! So now, I am doing gymnastics, capoeira, and a handstand class. Can I point out that all of these activities do include handstands, and that two of them include cartwheels, a recurring theme I feel.

Talking about gymnastics no developments yet on winking boy. Before last session Ivor started winking at me every time I faced him; now i assume that this means something as he wasn't winking at anyone else... not too pleased about this I don't think! Then last session I am soooooo sure that I overheard him asking another girl in the gym (one that I hardly know) if she thought I would go out with him, and she replied that she didn't really know me! Phew! I suddenly became very busy and was always doing something or chatting to someone whenever he was hanging around! This is very unusual for me I must say, as most of this class is usually spent lying on mats watching everyone else train! Its very fun i promise! Well I do rather a lot of chatting as well, its more of a social activity then a sport! But its good for my spanish, right? Thats my excuse for everything! Anyway, I am still deciding whether to give the guy a chance or not if he does ask me out, he is rather quiet, and hardly know him despite having seen him twice a week for the past 5 months! I will keep you posted!

Oooh my new version of blogger is all in spanish! I assume that this means i have an argentine google account which will be interesting. The letters don't match up to what they are called in spanish. For example, bold in spanish is negrita but is still represented by a b. Now, if this were word then it would be an n. Oooh I wonder what language the spell check will be in! That is a crucial factor which does actually matter, I might have to write all my posts in spanish from now on in order to be able to spell check them. You're not interested i know, neither am I really but cut me some slack its 2.52 am.

I think it is time to attempt to join the world of sleep again, perhaps I will have more luck now, if not I may be back online soon!
Nighty night! (I hope)